• LATEST: Ted Spiker's book, Down Size (Hudson Street Press), comes out in October 2014
  • LATEST: Spiker named interim chair of the UF department of journalism
  • LATEST: Spiker running with the Sub-30 Club at the Runner's World Half Festival in October


“Ted Spiker is one of the most unique people with whom we have ever had the honor of working. Ted Spiker deserves an honorary doctorate from both our schools… As always, he pulled together our random thoughts into an accessible and humorous work that has attitude but is never condescending.”
—Mehmet Oz, MD, and Michael Roizen, MD, in acknowledgements of YOU: Staying Young

“Ted Spiker might have a better grasp on language, narrative structure and storytelling than any journalism professor or writing coach I’ve ever met. He breaks journalism down to its simplest denominator, making you rethink the most basic phrases, words and even letters. Spiker engaged me as a student with unique teaching methods and a door that was always open. I can say, without question, he changed my life as a writer.”
–John Cox, UF alum and 2008 Hearst national writing champion

“Google ‘Ted Spiker’ and you’re likely to find articles on everything from getting an internship to toning up your mid-section—or even improving your love life.”
—InSite Magazine, February 2008 (Spiker named one of Gainesville’s 20 Most Interesting People)

“I know that you do not know me, but I was moved to drop you a quick line after reading your article in Parenting magazine this month. Your story moved me to tears as I related to my own life… Thank you for sharing your story. As a parent and someone who has lost their father too early, I was reminded of what is important in life and that is to make as memories as we can with our children.”
—Reader e-mail in response to “Missing Dad,” March 2008 issue of Parenting magazine

“Ted Spiker is keeping impressive company these days—most notably [America’s Doctor] Mehmet Oz… Oz does have a way of making the most banal issues, say, gastroesophageal reflux or the true function of intestines, entertaining. But we suspect that Spiker has something to do with that.”
Delaware Today magazine, April 2008

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