• LATEST: Ted Spiker's book, Down Size (Hudson Street Press), comes out in October 2014
  • LATEST: Spiker named interim chair of the UF department of journalism
  • LATEST: Spiker running with the Sub-30 Club at the Runner's World Half Festival in October


Ted Spiker, an associate professor of journalism at the University of Florida, heads the department of journalism’s magazine sequence. He came to UF in 2001 and was awarded tenure in 2007. Spiker has taught such classes as:

  • Advanced Magazine & Feature Writing: Covers advanced skills in writing and reporting; students write various genres, including narrative non-fiction
  • Applied Magazines: Workshop course in which students produce the campus magazine, Orange & Blue
  • Magazine Management: Course covers topics related to running a magazine from editorial and business points of view; students produce prototype for new magazine
  • Finding Your Voice: Creative non-fiction course that teaches students to develop their own personal and professional style
  • Health & Fitness Writing: Specialized writing course that focuses on covering all forms of health; assignments include various forms of multimedia
  • Sports Media & Society: Lecture class that covers the relationships between athletes, fans, media, and the sports industry
  • Journalism as Literature: Graduate seminar about history and techniques of literary journalists
  • Magazine & Feature Writing: Introduction to feature writing genres and techniques
  • Reporting: Introduction to news writing and reporting

Spiker has been named the UF College of Journalism and Communications Teacher of the Year, and he won first-place in the Promising Professors competition from the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC). Spiker has also taught as an adjunct instructor at the University of Delaware and Lehigh University. Spiker has served as the head of the Magazine Division of AEJMC.

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