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Ted Spiker, who writes the Big Guy Blog for Runner’s World, loves to play in the worlds of running and fitness. He’s not much of a racer, but has dabbled in some epic events. In 2013, he finished Florida Ironman (in 16:39, just shy of the 17-hour time limit). He has also run two Tough Mudders and once met his goal of running a sub-30 5K (he’s back after that same goal in 2017).

Spiker loves to cross-train—running, swimming, playing basketball, flipping tires. In fact, since 2011, he has organized backyard strongman-type workouts for friends and neighbors. (Subscribe here to receive details of those weekly workouts.)

Perhaps Spiker’s greatest athletic-related accomplishment (besides scoring a total of 2 points during the entire eighth-grade basketball season) was starting the Sub-30 Club. This group, which started with a Runner’s World blog post, began with the hopes that people with a similar mission (going 29:59 or faster in a 5K) would use each other to share, connect, and motivate each other. It quickly grew beyond that into a group of runners with wildly different speeds and shapes, but one similar mission—that we were all there to support the goals of others, no matter what they were. You can listen to more about the Sub-30 Club in this episode of the Runner’s World podcast.

For a few years, Spiker also hosted The BodyCast, a show about various topics in health and fitness. You can listen to episodes here.

In 2012, Spiker was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness by

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