• LATEST: Ted Spiker's book, Down Size (Hudson Street Press), comes out in October 2014
  • LATEST: Spiker named interim chair of the UF department of journalism
  • LATEST: Spiker running with the Sub-30 Club at the Runner's World Half Festival in October


Looking for something to linger over? Try one of these great examples of magazine-style storytelling (contemporary and classic). For day-to-day reading recommendations about health, media, and magazines, follow @ProfSpiker on Twitter.


As Time Runs Out
By Gary Smith, Sports Illustrated

A Second Life
By Charles Butler, Runner’s World

Zoo Story
By Thomas French, The St. Petersburg Times

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold
By Gay Talese, Esquire

Pearls Before Breakfast
By Gene Weingarten, The Washington Post

The Falling Man
By Tom Junod, Esquire

Into Thin Air
By Jon Krakauer, Outside

Ali and His Entourage
By Gary Smith, Sports Illustrated


Stiff (Mary Roach); Bonk (Mary Roach); Born to Run (Christopher McDougall); Beyond the Game and Going Deep (both collected works of Gary Smith); anything by Tom Wolfe; Esquire’s Big Book of Great Writing (collection of 70 years of issues); any edition of Best American Magazine Writing (collected works of National Magazine Award winners) or Best American Sports Writing; Eats, Shoots & Leaves (Lynne Truss); Writing Tools (Roy Peter Clark); A Walk in the Woods (Bill Bryson)

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