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When Ted Spiker was a teenager, a doctor asked him if got embarrassed on the beach because of his “femininely shaped hips and chest.” In college, his friends nicknamed him Hoover for the speed with which he inhaled food. As an adult, he asserted that his wife’s maternity jeans were the best-fitting pants he ever wore. Perhaps even more embarrassing than his pear shape is that he has co-written many bestselling diet and health books, including YOU: On a Diet. But he still didn’t get it.

Now he does.

In Down Size, Spiker uncovers the 12 truths that will help you lose weight—and gain a healthier, leaner, and better body. What he finally learned is that winning the weight-loss battle is equal parts science and soul. Biology and psychology. Getting your mind right to getting your body right.

Once at an all-time high of 279 pounds Spiker takes us on his own revealing and hilarious journey as he attempts to get down to 200 on the scale. He talks to some of the world’s leading weightloss experts, takes cues from other men and women who have lost as much as half their body weight and more, and learns some tough lessons on his own. Ultimately, he decides to take on an Ironman, one of the most grueling endurance events in the world.

Tackling all the common problems of nutrition and exercise, temptation and humiliation, motivation and frustration, Spiker not only examines the best practical tactics for weight loss, he also dives into the mental and emotional factors that drive every decision you make. He’ll reveal the two-word mantra that gets most people out of nutritional disasters, common goal-setting myths, the most effective way to exercise, strategies for breaking through weight-loss plateaus, the value of social media when it comes to dieting, the most vital component to ensure success, and much more.

Whether you are trying to lose that last 5 pounds or starting on a plan to lose 50 or more, Down Size will help you get down to size.

What others have said:

"Finally! A perspective on the most important part of fitness and weight loss: the part that occurs between in the ears! Down Size marries the mind-body processes that we all must confront in our health and wellness journey. This is the book you need to read if you have ever or will ever do anything requiring physical AND mental commitment. Inspiring, informative and insightful!"
Jennifer L. Ashton, M.D., ob-gyn, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor, Co-host The Doctors

"I love this book. Diet books aren’t supposed to be page-turners, but this is. Diet and health books aren’t supposed to make you laugh or cry, but you will. You will also learn how Ted found his motivation, and how he can help you, too. I love it."
Michael F. Roizen, MD, Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic

"I always wished someone would write this book. Ted Spiker will help change your body in simple, realistic, and effective ways you wish you would have known about sooner."
Adam Bornstein, New York Times best selling author

"This book will connect with people in a way no other diet book does. Ted speaks from his own experiences, making light of his challenges with weight loss while sharing many of the feelings that so many people will find familiar and be able to draw inspiration from. Throughout his career he has been surrounded and worked with all of the top experts in health and fitness so is able to not only share his stories and struggles but also offer scientific, effective solutions given from his perspective. This book will speak to so many people who have struggled their whole lives trying to lose weight & will finally give them the answers."
Rachel Cosgrove, Author of The Female Body Breakthrough & Drop Two Sizes, Owner of Results Fitness, 2012 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year

"If health and diet writing is a vast wilderness -- and take it from me, it is -- then Ted Spiker is the best guide you could ask for. Using his 12 hard-learned truths as signposts, Ted hacks through dense jargon, steers us clear of hype, and keeps us amused along the way. Best of all, snacking is encouraged."
Mark Remy, author of The Runner's Rule Book

“Ted Spiker is a guy you'll want to have on your team, whether it's tug-of-war, Tough Mudder, or just trying to make sense of the ‘tips and tricks’ that weigh us down when we're trying to live a simpler, but healthier life. In Down Size, Ted shares his vulnerable, hilarious, and ultimately insightful experience on taking the scale — and himself — head on. And he will inspire you to do the same.”
James Beckerman, MD, cardiologist and author of The Flex Diet

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