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Weekend Workout: June 22

Our Saturday group has been pretty consistent, usually alternating between my place and the #GreenGarage. Hot as a habernero today, but 12 of us got it done…

Phase 1: 8:00
Two groups in circles: Pass/throw med ball (20 pounds or 10 pounds) around for 45 seconds; after you pass, do one burpee (or two, or pushups, depending on the round). After 45 seconds, air squat for 15 seconds. Repeat for 8 minutes.

Phase 2: 5:00
Uphill run, downhill bear crawl. Repeat for 5 minutes.

Phase 3: 12:00
Complete as much as you can in 12 minutes (at your own pace and order): 50 kettlebell swings, 50 air squats, 25 pushups, 25 box jumps (or 50 step-ups), 5 alley sprints.

Phase 4: 6:00
With a partner: One does max pushups with wide legs. Other person jumps over legs (in, out). Switch places. When team completes 40 total pushups, you earn a 30-second break. Repeat for 6 minutes.

Phase 5: Undetermined time
Two tires, two teams. Flip the tire the length of field twice (including down and up a hill), each person on team taking turns with one flip at a time (some people did two). When done, each person does farmer’s walk up and back (including uphill and downhill). When new person starts farmer’s walk, other team members do 3 burpees. Tire weights: About 250 pounds and 140 pounds. Bucket weight: 50-pounders and 25-pounders.

Thanks to Jim G. for the photos

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