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Weekend Workout: Black Friday

Black Friday*

Number of people: 5
Date: Saturday, Dec. 2
Time: About 75 minutes

Directions: Do the following 12 exercises, but here’s the catch: Group doesn’t know the complete workout; we pick each exercise one at a time out of a hat so the exercises come in a random order. As we go, each person (except me) will get two chances to take advantage of the Black Friday discount: a mix of 75% off reps (1), 50% off reps (2), 25% off reps (2), BOGO double the reps! (2), and clearance 1 to 5 reps only (1). So eight of the following exercises will have a different number of reps, depending on who chooses what to discount. But the great part is that it involves some risk because people don’t know what exercises are still left.

* Originally scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend


8 alley sprints
60 kettlebell swings
30 burpees
8 suicides
50 pushups
50 single-arms rows
40 froggers (mountain climbers, but foot comes all the way up to hands on each rep)
100 air squats and 20 box jumps
400-meter group farmer’s walk with 2 35-pound KBs, 1 20-pound KB, 2 50-pound buckets
16 tire flips
3-minute wall sit
8 tire drags

How it ended up:

1 75% off: used on farmer’s walk
2 50% off: used on wall sit and tire drags
2 25% off: used on suicides and tire flips
2 BOGOs: used on froggers and KB swings
1 clearance: used on air squat/box jumps (which was last exercise picked randomly)

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