Weekend Workout: 12 Days of Fitness

12 Days of Fitness

Number of people: 6
Date: Saturday, Dec. 9
Time: About 100 minutes

Directions: Using the theme of the 12 Days of Christmas, this workout follows the same pattern: Day 1 is an exercise featuring 1 rep. Day 2 is 2 reps (and then you do Day 1 again). Day 3 is 3 reps (then Day 2 and Day 1). So by the end, you’re doing the 12-rep move, followed by the 11-rep move, then 10, 9, 8 and so on… I thought the session might last a little shorter than an hour, but it ended up taking almost two. Here are the 12:

1 60-meter sprint (by the end, you’ll do 12 of them)
2 10-meter bear crawls (22 total)
3 10-meter towel sprints; sprint with partner holding you back with towel wrapped around waist (30 total)
4 short hill runs (36 total)
5 squat presses (40 total)
6 10-second side planks (42 total)
7 10-meter backwards runs (42 total)
8 pushups (40 total)
9 kettlebell swings  (36 total)
10 air squats (30 total)
11 single-leg hops each leg (22 on each leg total)
12 burpees (12 total)

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