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Guests in #SportsMediaUF

Another year of #SportsMediaUF is now wrapped up. Fun semester, and I think we covered lots of ground, especially with all of the current issues happening in sports. Special thanks to DJ Sewell, the TA for the class, and our undergrad assistants, Katie, Baylor, and Cooper. I always say that the best part of the class is the quality of speakers we have. I’m always appreciative of guests taking time to talk to the class. So many others I wanted to get in, but it’s tough to fit everything into the semester cycle. This year featured the following people, in alphabetical order:

James Bates, on-air personality
Jeff Darlington, ESPN
Ryan Lochte, swimmer, 12-time Olympic medalist
Herb Lowe, professor
Nick McKain, video, Philadelphia 76ers
Jeff Pearlman, best-selling author
Sara Perlman, Mid Atlantic Sports Network
Kelly Price, NBC26 sports
Jennifer Sterger, various sports media
Nikko Tan, social media, Atlanta Falcons

Some social media posts about their visits (or search Twitter with #SportsMediaUF):





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