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Weekend Workout: Crazy 8s


Number of people: 5
Date: Saturday, Nov. 4
Time: About 1 hour
Directions: Circuit of 8 exercises, 8 reps each. After one time through the circuit, perform one “interlude.” Total: 8 circuits and 8 interlude exercises.

Main Circuit: 8 reps each

Kettlebell swings
Overhead squat with med ball
Battle ropes (for as much times as it takes other stations to complete 8 reps on their exercises)
Step-ups or box jumps on tire
Weighted crunch on stability ball
Upright row with kettlebell

Interludes: Performed after 1 circuit

After 1st: Med ball throw: Squat and throw, group chases, 8 throws per person
After 2nd: Jumping Jacks (80)
After 3rd: Squat Jumps (8, lower into squat and hold until next rep is called)
After 4th: Burpees (8)
After 5th: Mountain Climbers (8)
After 6th: Skier Jumps (8)
After 7th: Hills (4 short hill runs)
After 8th: Stretch

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