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Earn Gravy, Burn Gravy

Last week was my best training week in a LONG time. Best of all, I didn’t go crazy food-wise on Thanksgiving (though, as always, Liz’s meal was killer). No group workout this week since everyone was out of pocket for the holiday, but I did get in a few strength circuits. Here’s how the week looked:

Monday: 5.5-mile run
Tuesday: 7-mile run
Wednesday: 30-minute spin, 20-minute Earn Gravy workout (below)
Thursday: 6-mile run in pretty heavy rain (thanks to friend Tom for the are-you-going texts to get me out)
Friday: 1.5-mile swim
Saturday: 3-mile run, 30-minute spin, Burn Gravy workout (below)
Sunday: 1.5-mile swim

Earn Gravy Workout

Do the following circuit as many times in 20 minutes:
5 perfect pushups
100 reps of battle ropes
20 kettlebell swings (10 each side)
Driveway farmer’s walk (two 50-pound buckets of sand)

Burn Gravy Workout

Straight strength circuit: 3 sets of 8 reps for each move
TRX rows
TRX squats
Kettlebell snatches
Tire step-ups
TRX pushups
TRX side lunges
Kettlebell swings
Split squats (back leg on tire)

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